About Chris

Chris and his wife Jenny have two children, and live in Conway, New Hampshire with their dog Griffin.   Chris is a lawyer and partner with Cooper Cargill Chant, the largest law firm in the North Country.  

As a lawyer, Chris has spent his career helping individuals and businesses navigate the administrative and judicial processes in New Hampshire, and has seen both how government can work to foster business and economic growth, but also ways the process can be improved.   He has advocated for clients in courtrooms across the country, and looks forward to bringing those advocacy skills to bear for the Third District.

As a community member, Chris currently serves on the Board of Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce, and regularly listens to the ideas and concerns of businesses in the district and surrounding areas.  New Hampshire is a wonderful place to start and grow a business, but availability of workers, start-up capital, affordable energy, and infrastructure could be improved to make New Hampshire even better for business, its owners, and its employees.  In turn, we can make New Hampshire more attractive for skilled workers and businesses by better ensuring market-driven affordable housing, portable health insurance options, a healthy environment, and quality education for families.  Chris also has served on his local zoning board, local Land Trust, Community Health Center, and knows the issues that affect the institutions that form the fabric of our community.  Chris even helped create the local trails organization  and is serving on the MWV Lacrosse board, helping maintain recreational options for our youth.    

As a husband and father, Chris knows the importance of the availability of quality educational opportunities at both the primary and secondary level, consistent health care, safe schools and streets, and affordable housing, and will work to make these necessities a reality for all.