Educational Opportunity

The foundation of a fair, just, and enduring capitalist system is equality of opportunity, which can only be ensured by robust opportunities for public education at the primary and secondary levels.  This includes education of all types, including vocational and specialized training, which is essential to the growth of small business.  Voucher schemes which pull dollars from public schools to fund private and parochial school endowments destroy equal opportunity while increasing property taxes,especially in rural areas such as Carroll County.  

A Healthy Environment

Our economy in Carroll County and District 3 is heavily reliant on tourism - a healthy environment is essential to the health of our economy, not just essential to the health of our families.  Vigilant protection of our clean air and water, and the facilitation of clean, renewable, dispersed energy sourcing is essential for our continued growth and health.  

Portable Health Insurance

The number one disincentive to entrepreneurship and innovation is loss of employer based health care.  New Hampshire needs a system where health care is not tied to a single employer; but portable, consistent, and affordable.  

Skilled and Ready Workforce Development

Too often, our businesses in District 3 cannot find the workers we need to grow, or workers cannot find educational opportunities to obtain the skills needed for today's jobs.  District 3 needs an advocate for programs and infrastructure that will attract and keep skilled workers here, and help our businesses grow.

Market-Driven Affordable Housing

One of the key problems in attracting and keeping skilled and ready workers is the lack of affordable housing.  Especially rural areas of New Hampshire need assistance and incentives for market-based affordable housing.  

Unbending Support for Equality and Civil Rights

The very motto of New Hampshire is Live Free or Die.  Everyone that lives in New Hampshire, or visits New Hampshire, has the unqualified and inalienable right to live and love free from interference or fear.